Recently my company asked me to search for a Password Manager. Right now some of the employees save their passwords in .txt files on the Desktop. This is - obviously - not very safe.

So instead of having their passwords on their PC we would like the passwords to be stored on our Server and can be accessed through SharePoint. The users should also be in groups so a system for that would be nice. So let's say an employee works in work group A and should therefore have only access to their passwords while another on from work group B should just have the passwords needed for B. But the manager of both groups should have all passwords.

I don't know if there is a way to this in SharePoint. If not, please suggest another system that can run on our Server and maybe also be accessible through Browser. If its with a Client it's no problem, but Browser access would be the best. Also saving the data on an external Server is not an option.

Last information: we need a good and stable system, because I work in a company with >700 employees and errors would be fatal.

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Just an idea, you could create lists in order to achieve that. For example, you create 2 lists, A and B, grant permissions to some users to the list A and some to the list B. In the manager's case, you grant permissions to both lists, the items in those lists are the username/password. Also, it is nice that you can grant users read-only access so only users with more privileges would be able to add/manage passwords.

If the solution above is not exactly what you are looking for, I would let you know about SECRET SERVE. I have not used but looking at it, this software looks very interesting!


This scenario is not good fit for the SharePoint. You have to use the 3rd party software to manage the password.

In past we used the PAR tool from Dell (old Quest).

Reason why SharePoint is not fit.

  • Once user get the password, then User dont need to come back and get it. as SharePoint will not change the password.
  • You have to manually change the Password
  • You have to apply alot of customization in order to protect the accounts from non-eligible user.

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