I've an yes/no column and I use InfoPath to enter data and a SharePoint designer workflow to send emails. But when I get the email it always changes the yes value to true and no value to false.

I then changed the format to 1 and 0 in infopath but no luck.

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SharePoint Yes/No fields are boolean values: true/false. They will never display Yes or No as text, so you will need to set these programmatically within your workflow. Create a workflow variable for the "Yes" and "No" values and replace the yesNoField in your email. Example:

yesNoVariable = "No"

if yesNoField equals True

   yesNoVariable = "Yes"

Or, you can replace your checkbox with a choice field using the values Yes/No.

  • at the movement i have added it like that, but when i see the data entered in sharepoint is yes or no so i thought it might be possible.
    – Rinu
    Jun 27, 2016 at 4:10

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