hi we cannot open the items in document library and must save them first then open it in sharepoint2010 what should we do

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You can either add PDF as allowed MIME type (recommended) or set File Handling to Permissive alltogether (not recommended). Here is an article that covers this topic: SharePoint: Browser File Handling Deep Dive

And here's the Powershell script that allows you to add a MIME type to the list of allowed ones for a specific web application (taken from the article):

$mimeType = "application/pdf"             
Get-SPWebApplication |             
    # If the MIME Type is not already on the allowed list for the Web Application             
        # Add the MIME type to the allowed list and update the Web Application             
        Write-Host Added $mimeType to the allowed list for Web Application $_.Name             
        # The MIME type was already allowed - can't add. Inform user             
        Write-Host Skipped Web Application $_.Name - $mimeType was already allowed             

Please note that *.pdf is considered as potentially dangerous, that's why it won't open in the browser by default.

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