I use CAML queries to find items by "ContentTypeId".

How can I create an index for this column? In the user interface I can only select "Content Type", not the ID.

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You can use SPField.Indexable Property to check whether ContentTypeId field can be indexed or not. Per this http://iedaddy.com/2010/11/sharepoint-2010indexing-columns-in-a-sharepoint-list/ Content type ID cannot be indexed. However, one of the comments mentions that

Creating an index on “ContentType” really creates an index on “ContentTypeId”, that makes searching for a contenttype in a sitecollection much faster.

  • I checked the "SPField.Indexable" property by code. ContentTypeId => true, ContentType => false. I think its because "ContentType" is a "computed" field that relies on "ContentTypeId".
    – pindumb
    Jun 26, 2016 at 8:37

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