Is it possible to customize the SharePoint top navigation with fly-out menus that display sub-sites?

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MSDN: How to: Customize the Display of Quick Launch


I was able to figure it out myself and here is the solution

Here is my Taxonomy | Canada | Ontario | Toronto | North York | When I move the mouse over to Canada, I want to see all the sub sites in flyouts menu

Before Modification:

enter image description here

Now I am going make some changes to the master page to have four level flyouts. Open your SharePoint site using SharePoint designer 2010 and edit your master page

enter image description here

By default the Maximum Dynamic Display Level is 1 and I am going to change to 4

Now search for “topNavigationDelegate” and change the values to “True”

ShowStartingNode="True" SiteMapProvider="SPSiteMapProvider"

enter image description here

and remove "StartingNodeUrl="sid:1002"

Save your master page and publish. Make sure your sub sites SharePoint Server Publishing features are actives

This is the end result

enter image description here

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