Is it possible to apply conditional formatting to a date column? I'm trying to set the columns background to red if the date has passed using the following

<xsl:if test="normalize-space($thisNode/@Completion_x0020_Date) >= 'Today'" ddwrt:cf_explicit="1">background-color: #71B84F;</xsl:if>

Thanks, Jason

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I got this from a post about filtering and formatting with Date Values. At this point, the main problem is around the formatting of the comparison. This is xml so when the parser sees ">', it views as the closing bracket and not as a comparison. You need to encode this as


for the comparison to be recognized.

<xsl:if test="number(translate(substringbefore
(@Modified_Recently$Modified_Recently_ISO,'T'), '-',''))
&gt;= number(translate(substring-before($Today,'T'),'-',''))">
background-color: #00FF00;

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