I have a workflow in my subsite that is available when I activate a feature. The workflow has app step and also the workflow running on my list at subsite updates a list on my root site.

To do so I need to give permissions to my workflow app identifier at the root site manually(from appinv.aspx and app identifier lookup value) and its app identifier appears when I see it in site app permissions at the root site. Only then it allows me to update the list at my root site.

How do I do this using CSOM?

Below is the screenshot of what I am doing manually and want to do it using CSOM. enter image description here


There is no CSOM API for granting app permission so far in SharePoint. A possible way is parsing the appinv.aspx page and submit the form in code ( Don't forget set the appropriate user-agent). I can provider a c# code snippet which works fine if you are interested.

  • can you please provide a code snippet to do that? – Naveen Prasath Jun 20 '18 at 14:56

This is possible on On-premise using code (parlaesolutions). But I have not yet found a workable solution for SharePoint Online. I am Searching for it.


Related question in stackexchange how-to-retrust-an-app-programmatically-c-or-powershell

Found this blog somewhat helpful how-to-deploy-sharepoint-apps-with-vsts-release-management/

enter image description here


It's 5.30am and my 2yr old son has just kicked me out of my bed, so there is a possibility that my brain isn't up to speed yet, but have you tried activating the feature "Workflows can use app permissions"?

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