I have a workflow which is running fine for past 1 year suddenly today it is working in abnormal.

The scenario is :

Workflow has to get trigger the mail at 2 days once.

For Eg: 1st Mail has to go on : June/17/2016 , 2nd Mail has to go on June/20/2016 and 3rd Mail has to go on June/22/2016.

So actually today it has to trigger the mail but mail has not received. When I checked the workflow status was showing in Progress and message is "Pausing until June/20/2016", which is the second mail.

Any idea why the workflow status is "Pausing until June/20/2016" even the date has been lapsed?

  • Check whether SharePoint timer job service is running or not..
    – P S
    Jun 22, 2016 at 6:50

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Maybe you could use the new flow app of Microsoft? Flow.microsoft.com

Edit: This is a workaround which may suit your needs.

  • Go to flow.microsoft.com
  • Search the templates for When an item in a SharePoint list is modified/added send an email.
  • Adjust the template with the same conditions u have in your current workflow.

Congratulations your future proof now.


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