I am experiencing a new issue that I am not quite sure how to fix. We have a SP2013 online subscription. The overall problem is that I wish to display rich text using a Content Query Web Part. The CQWPs I have take info from a list item that is formatted with tables or bullet points. I edited the itemstyle.xsl to add a template I liked. I then edited ContentQueryMain.xsl to add in output escaping so that the code isn't displayed like so: CQWP in a tabbed content editor

As you can see, the actual code for the list item is being displayed, but only on a different account. On my developing account (as a power user) I get the following view, exactly what I want. Developer account CQWP view

What really tripped me up about this is that when I go to the style of the webpart properties, they are different for each user. On my account, I had all of the normal styles plus my own: enter image description here

On the second account(which I gave permission as an owner), it only shows the normal styles: enter image description here Ideas anyone?

  • Did you reference a CSS file, and if so is it published and visible to the other user? – Erin L Jun 20 '16 at 19:54
  • did I reference a CSS file in... The itemstyle.xsl? the only place I reference css is in the content editor that groups the CQWPs into tabs – Sabien Ambrose Jun 20 '16 at 19:57

Okay I figured it out... Needed to check in ItemStyle.xsl so it is accessible to everyone.

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