In Sharepoint hosted app, using RestAPI and jquery, we want to create term, by setting the values of description and available for tagging. How will we do this?

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Taxonomy API is not supported via REST service but you could consider to create a term via JSOM API in SharePoint-hosted app as demonstrated below:

var sp_files = [

var layoutsPath = _spPageContextInfo.webServerRelativeUrl + "/_layouts/15/";
$.getMultiScripts(sp_files, layoutsPath).done(function() {

     var termSetId = 'cb59f0f1-df29-4586-883d-b5f860d89c9f';
     var ctx = SP.ClientContext.get_current();
     var taxSession = SP.Taxonomy.TaxonomySession.getTaxonomySession(ctx);
     var termStore = taxSession.getDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore(); //retrieve default Term Store
     var termSet = termStore.getTermSet(termSetId);

     //create Term
     var termGuid = SP.Guid.newGuid();
     var termName = "News";
     var newTerm = termSet.createTerm(termName, 1033, termGuid.toString());
     newTerm.setDescription('News term',1033);
            console.log("Term has been created");

function logError(error){


//from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11803215/how-to-include-multiple-js-files-using-jquery-getscript-method
$.getMultiScripts = function(arr, path) {
    var _arr = $.map(arr, function(scr) {
        return $.getScript( (path||"") + scr );

    _arr.push($.Deferred(function( deferred ){
        $( deferred.resolve );
    return $.when.apply($, _arr);

$.executeQueryPromise = function(ctx, result) {
    result = result || {};
    var d = $.Deferred();
    ctx.executeQueryAsync(function () {
    }, function (sender, args) {
    return d.promise();

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