I want to create custom display templates in SharePoint 2013 Search. I need the steps to create it. This is first time I am dealing with customization of search templates. Any step by step reference will help.

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To create a custom display template, the best approach is to copy an existing one from Out-Of-Box display templates. With this, you can't overwrite the original one.

To reach the display templates

  • From the Search Center navigate to Site Settings. In the Look and Feel section chose Design Manager.
  • In Design Manager choose Upload Design Files.
  • Click the link at the top of the page to open the Master Page Gallery in Windows Explorer.
  • Browse down the folder structure to Display Templates/Search/

Read more about it on the following blogs as they used some example in it. Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Display Templates

SharePoint 2013 - Working with Display Template for Content Search Web Part


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