I am getting following error

"The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."

While I'm trying to read a website hosted in SharePoint. I have tried following code to access my SharePoint site via my C#.

String Id="xyz.onmicrosoft.com";
String pass="Password";
SecureString password = new SecureString();
            foreach (char ch in pass)
            Uri uri = new Uri("https://mydomain.sharepoint.com/sites/parts/");
            using (var context = new ClientContext(uri)) 
                context.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(Id,password);
                Web web=context.Web;
                context.Load(web, w => w.Title);
                System.Console.WriteLine("Web Title");

I didn't get to know whats wrong with this code. I have tried some forum solutions as well but they didn't worth to resolve this error.

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Try this:

clientContext.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("username", "password", "domain");

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