I know analytic reports for visits and hits for a site, it doesn't show who all accessed and time. I want to audit users accessing site. Is there any way to do it using Server Object Model or other?

P.S: I know we have 'view' event in SharePoint audit. But it is pretty junk, showing lot of entries of viewing page and document for a single visit.

  • Create a custom List: Audit
  • Setttings:

    Restrict read access if required (the Site administrator can see all Items)

  • Use JavaScript to write an Item to this List

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  • thanks.. is there any other way without doing any javascript in site page? I can write customAuditEntry 'onLoad' of site page and get from audit entries. I don't want to track access using javascript. other way using powershell or CSOM? – Mani Dharmarajan Jun 16 '16 at 13:46

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