My portal has strange behavior.

In admin page it has 3 alternate addresses:

http://portal - default zone
http://portal.domain - default zone
http: //portal-test - default zone

all these urls has good ping. IIS has these bindings.

But when I type "portal.domain" or "http: //portal.domain" in browser it show authentication window and redirects me to http: //portal after login\pass typed

In webTools I see that "portal.domain" return status 302 (moved temporarily) and send me to "http://portal".

I have no access to DNS(only our administrators) and don't know about old SharePoint settings (it done another SharePointer who not work now).

So, the question: where can be problems and what should I check.

My aim is opening portal using "http://portal" when user type "http://portal" and using "http://portal.domain" when user type "http://portal.domain" in browser.

What should I do to correct it?


Why are you having 3 default zone. Ideally it should be only one. its returning http://portal because it is at first which is being mentioned as default zone.

  • Yep! Thank you! I don't know why all 3 were in default zone, this portal has long story before me. I have change zone, so every url has unique zone and it work perfect. Thanks! Jun 15 '16 at 11:55

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