Using this resource: REST services in SPD2013, I was able to build a dictionary in order to update specific list items on demand.

However, I cannot seem to find an acceptable way to set date fields or user fields to null like you would do with JavaScript, etc. if you wanted to blank out a field using the REST API. Similarly, setting EditorId to [some ID here] doesn't seem to work. I'm using an app step to get around a user permission issue, but EditorId doesn't seem to be accepted as it would be in JavaScript. Are there any ways around either of these issues for SPD 2013?

edit: Setting user fields to "-1" seems to clear them out.


You do overwrite the ModifiedBy value.

But what does SharePoint do after your update?

SharePoint sets the ModifiedBy field to the User who did/triggered the update

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  • Version history only shows one update to the ModifiedBy field - SharePoint App. Or is SharePoint overwriting the ModifiedBy even before an update is pushed? I just don't understand why we don't run into this issue with JSOM, CSOM, ajax, etc. :( – Dinerdo Jun 15 '16 at 14:01

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