I have to do a script to migrate user because of change domain. From DOM1\user1 to DOM2\user2

When i do

$web = $spsite.openweb()
        $userToReplace = $web.EnsureUser($oldLogin)

            $userReplaced = "i:0#.w|$newLogin"
            #$userToReplace ="i:0#.w|$oldLogin"
            Move-SPUser -Confirm:$false -Identity $userToReplace -NewAlias  $userReplaced -IgnoreSID 

It changes the permission to the new account but when i go to a listitem updated by DOM1\user1 If i click on the Modified by, it goes to the old userid and not the new

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I have found something that worked for me.

It is kind of forcing it to sync again:

Get-SPUser –Web http://sharepointsite | Set-SPUser –SyncFromAD

You will probably get some error like Set-SPUser : Cannot get the full name or e-mail address of user "c:0(.s|true"., but nothing to worry about

  • Thanks for your proposition. I have user profile is it ok with this? Jun 13, 2016 at 10:30

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