I have a subsite in SharePoint that was originally created as a Publishing Enterprise Wiki. The problem with this is that all of the new pages added to the site are wiki pages, which in not ideal. As far as I know, the site templates are all basically the same thing but with different features enabled. What features do I need to modify to change the subsite from a wiki to a standard team site (so that added pages are just normal pages and not wiki pages).

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I understand that you want to migrate enterprise wiki site to a standard team site. As far as I know , there are no PowerShell script which can achieve this. When use Import-SPWeb command, The site or subsite that you are importing must have a template that matches the template of the site specified by Identity.

You can get the difference between both from below given URL.

Enterprise Wiki vs Team Site in Sharepoint 2010

BTW you can refer below mentioned link & check the answers on the post. You might get some help from there.

Migrate a SharePoint Team Wiki to an Enterprise Wiki

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    thank you for your answer. now that I have additional info, I realize that what I want isn't necessarily to switch the site types, but to have newly created pages be standard wiki pages rather than enterprise wiki pages. For some reason, the subsite has both a site pages folder and a pages folder (while all other subsites only have a site pages folder). When I create a new page the subsite uses the pages list(?) which has a default type as an enterprise wiki page. Do you know how I can change the settings to default to the site pages list(?) to add standard wiki pages?
    – ahoff
    Commented Jun 10, 2016 at 17:35
  • Deactivate the Publishing feature at my your wiki subsite. So you will get rid of the Pages library from site pages. In your case, If you try to create a new page from the page available under the pages library than it will create the page in pages library only.
    – Hardik
    Commented Jun 10, 2016 at 17:42
  • If you try to create a page from wiki page (Site Pages) than it will create a wiki page for you within site pages.
    – Hardik
    Commented Jun 10, 2016 at 17:43
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    You can check here for some problem...social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/…
    – Hardik
    Commented Jun 10, 2016 at 17:44
  • so deactivating the Publishing feature did not do what I wanted it to do. I still have both a Pages and Site Pages folder, but now the "Add a Page" option is gone from the Site menu. I could already add standard wiki pages in the Site Pages list before (and still can), but what I wanted was for the Add a Page option to generate pages in the Site Pages list, which defaults to standard wiki pages that allow me to restructure the page layout. Now I don't have the option to quickly add a page without navigating to the Site Pages list
    – ahoff
    Commented Jun 10, 2016 at 20:43

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