I know that SharePoint workflow can be triggered by ITEM CREATED, ITEM CHANGED, MANUALLY.

But, is it possible for workflow to be triggered on a specific date (probably on 5th May every year) without any help of manual job? (probably other solution than pause until date/time).

Because right now, I need to create a workflow that send email to all list contributors (so they get notified to update the list)

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To do this you will need to use an Information Management Policy

I found this tutorial which may help you. How to configure a yearly reminder on a SharePoint document


Not sure exactly what is in your list but you could create a workflow that Loops. (some sudo workflow)

Set variable $date to may 5 2017

Loop statement

Pause till $date
Do your actions
add 365 days to $date
then it loops back

Not supper elegant but this might work.
Other option is to start workflow via powershell as a schedule task.

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