I am creating a task list that management will be voting on to determine priority.

I was looking for a solution to add a voting field that would show when not in edit mode. And later a field that would calculate the votes into a percentage (the easy part, I think). Any solution would work, even third party recommended apps.

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    Have a look at the ratings settings that all lists have. Using the star format(instead of likes) it will automatically calculate the average score. – Roland Jun 10 '16 at 1:30
  • I had never thought of using the rating setting. Thanks. I think that may work for our needs. Just need to figure out how to reset the data so the same list can be reused when new priorities are created/eliminated. – Robin Huighe Jun 13 '16 at 18:28
  • If the mechanics are going ot be the same just delete the old items/hide the old items by using views – Roland Jun 13 '16 at 23:17

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