Playing with our test 2013 SharePoint server. Trying to tell the search crawler to index a site on a different farm's web app, but the crawled site is responding with an Access Denied. In the crawling server, I set the site to be crawled as a web site, not a SharePoint site.

I believe the crawled web app can see that a Sharepoint crawler is coming in, and is treating it as the local farm...so it's trying to treat it like the local SharePoint farm search engine...which it's not.

I don't want to add one farm's permissions to the second... I just want things to respond as if any dumb crawler were coming to the door.

the target box is open to all user-agents, and allows anonymous access.

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I think, your crawl account(Content Access Account) should have the read permission to that web app.

Did you set that permission.

For anonymous web application, follow this link.


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