I have a SharePoint view with a lot of colums. One of the colums is "created" which is the date the entry was created.

When I want to export the view for a specific month only, it's a bit tedious since I have to export the whole list of entries and then delete the months that I do not want in Excel.

I see that I can add another view with a filter. But, I do not know how to define the month in the filter options (Show items when column created = "xxxxx")

I have tried the following: 'MONTH(May)'; 'MONTH (5)'; but I get the "Filter value is not in supported date format" message.

Could someone push me in the right direction please?


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You can do it this way:

enter image description here

The problem is that you have to specify the year as well.

My example filters the items that are created between 1st and 31st of May, 2016


An alternate way from Gintas's answer is:

You can create one calculated column with return type of Number and apply this formula =TEXT([DateField];"mmmm"). Then in a view you can see new column with month values.

Then from modify this view, you can filter the view by using this calculated column and your desired month name. You can filter the view using only one condition.

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