I have multiple site collections that all have permission groups with the same names. When a user is added to a group in one site collection that change should be synchronized with all the other site collections.

What is the most effective way to do that?

I read that there are event receivers for such events in SharePoint 2013, but my environment is SharePoint 2010.

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In your situation, I would create ad groups and add those ad groups in the SharePoint groups. Because you have same group name across all site collection n permission on all site collection looks like same.

AD groups are easy no code solution, once you add AD groups in SharePoint then management operation is simple. simply add/remove the user in AD groups, SharePoint automatically add/remove the users. TechNet Article

Other than that I think you can some kind of powershell which add user across all site collections.


You can write an event receiver in SharePoint 2013 to check if an user is added to a group and make other groups in sync. This feature is not available in SharePoint 2010.

Refer below for complete set of clarifications: http://www.timferro.com/wordpress/archives/tag/spsecurityeventreceiver

There is class inheriting from: GroupUserAddedFeatureEventReceiver : SPFeatureReceiver

That should work.

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