I'm currently having some issues linking Excel to my online calendar (list) whenever I choose the web as a data source and I enter the URL of the calendar I get the option to only import the entire page (The yellow arrow box in top right corner)

Image of error


First question...Should I be using the entire link or should be going up a level so to /Integration%20Team%20Calendar/

Secondly - When I choose to import the entire site i get another error which is:

2: Import error I'd be very happy if you could let me know a solution/about this issue

Thanks in advance

  • instead of the calendar.aspx, use the allevents or allitems.aspx, since it's a list of the data.
    – Mike
    Jun 6, 2016 at 1:28

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For those who may stumble across this - It's not possible Pre 2013

The link I followed to complete this is as follows:


Thanks anyway guys

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