I use CSOM and I'm trying to find a way how to change vti_contenttypeorder property for a list item.

Does anyone know some workaround how I can to do this?

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Just for the sake of clarity, there are two properties:

ContentTypeOrder is a read-only field but if you're working with folders, you can use the property UniqueContentTypeOrder (available in CSOM) like so:

Folder.UniqueContentTypeOrder = ContentTypeOrder//maybe some additional tweaking

I actually made a working proof of concept sometime ago to change the vti_contenttypeorder property through CSOM. The UniqueContentTypeOrder property didn't work as it did not allow me to actually remove content types, just set the order.

clientContext.load(folder, 'Name', 'UniqueContentTypeOrder', 'ContentTypeOrder', 'Properties');
//construct the contentTypeString (comma separated string of content types)
var folderProps = folder.get_properties();
folderProps.set_item("vti_contenttypeorder", contentTypeString);




I have found a workaround using lists.asmx web service

using (var listsWS = new ListsService(url, cookie))
    string updateXml = string.Format("<Batch OnError='Continue'><Method ID='1' Cmd='Update'><Field Name='ID'>{0}</Field><Field Name='MetaInfo' Property='vti_contenttypeorder'>0x010100E1A96B0CF4FC4C4E8EABF3AB52EED1A3</Field></Method></Batch>", itemId);
    var doc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
    listsWS.UpdateListItems(list.Id.ToString(), doc.SelectSingleNode("//Batch"));

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