I have created a custom list with a dropdown field called Project Status with the following options

  • Unassigned
  • Work in Progress
  • Hold
  • Dropped
  • Completed

I have also created another hidden field which is called current status with the following calculation

=IF([Project Status]="Dropped","Dropped",
IF([Project Status]="Work in Progress","Work in Progress",
IF([Project Status]="Hold","Hold",
IF([Project Status]="Completed","Completed"))))

but the calculation is not working as the Current Status field isn't been populated when I update the Project Status field

This is part of larger workflow


You need not to do all this.

you just need write below formula for your field Current Status.

=[Project Status]

Since you just need replica, you can use the column value as is.

  • most welcome mate – Gaurravs Jun 3 '16 at 10:42

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