I have a custom list with custom column - DetailsLink. I would like to render this link in the result of CQWP.

So, my understanding I have to modify ItemStyle.xsl

By default - it generates link to item properties.

So, I went to CQWP properties and changed the value of Presentation/Link field to

DetailsLink [Custom Column]

in a weird way - it accepted the value but when I come back to the properties it's not displaying it.

I modified ItemStyle.xsl to read the value of @LinkUrl and it's still showing default way - link to item's properties.

Any ideas?

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You can set your custom column in the webpart properties in the box named Link. fields to display

This way the field set in the title box has the link to the field in Link box and not to the item properties.

  • yes, the trick was that you must use URL type column - can't use text column
    – IMHO
    Commented Sep 9, 2011 at 18:49

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