I have got a custom masterpage which I have generated from html.(Sharepoint 2016)

It made the conversion nicely and works ok.

But it still shows the the top suite bar, So I could not find a way to customize the top suite bar as it is rendered in ms-designer-ribbon div which I do not have any control in.

So, I have decided to hide hole top bar and create my own which I can style and customize easily.

But I need the menu items(cog and user name menu) in my custom top bar. But I am not sure how I am going to add those controls to my own top suite bar.

I had a look at snippet gallery, but nothing is there to achieve this.

Could anyone help me on this?


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In SharePoint 16, they give more PowerShell control for top suit's bar, I.e changing the logo, text etc

You can follow below URL for SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 How to Change SuitBar’s Text PowerShell

Concept of Office 365

You can hide controls from top suit bar whatever you need.

You can follow the instructions mentioned in below URL to hide the controls & combine the suit bar as per your requirement.

Stack the SharePoint Suite Bar on top of Ribbon – SharePoint Online / Office 365


  • This is basically for SharePoint Online / Office 365 but you can follow the same for your SharePoint 2016.
  • You need to be sure about the CSS classes from the DOM Explorer of your browser.

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