I've created a form in InfoPath 2013 with multiple views.
1st view - Requester (with Submit and Cancel buttons)
2nd view - Action By (with Submit, Approve and Reject buttons)
3rd view - Approved By (with Submit, Approve and Reject buttons)
4th view - Access Denied view

I need to create a workflow using the buttons to submit, approve and reject the form. This form needs to publish in Form Library in SharePoint 2013. I saw below link on how to create workflow but it was done in Custom List.

I've added the 'Action' and 'State' columns but it does not appear in the InfoPath form to add the functions and rules.

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I usually make the first submit option save the form to the form library. Then use SharePoint Designer 2013 to setup a workflow that is set to start when a new item is created.

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