I am building a SharePoint hosted App which contains a list and pre-defined list items. When I try to deploy app, I get following error

@"Error 1 CorrelationId: 39056be2-5dd1-4c51-ac43-9084a4791d02 ErrorDetail: There was a problem with activating the app web definition. ErrorType: App ErrorTypeName: App Related ExceptionMessage: Invalid URL: IMG SRC="../Images/Explore.png">. Source: AppWeb SourceName: App Web Deployment Error occurred in deployment step 'Install app for SharePoint': Failed to install app for SharePoint. Please see the output window for details.

enter image description here

I have also tried following but not working: <Field Name="BackgroundImageLocation">../Images/Explore.png</Field>

Problem is in the URL of the background image location field. How can I specify the URL of an image here?

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I tried this and worked.

<Field Name="Image">~site/Images/Explore.png</Field>

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