I have to add the documents as well as items in the list or document library. Here is the either or option like- Admin can add the document or link(item like list) Is it possible with the content type or any other approach to do that?

Thanks, Ram.


Brief: Document Libraries and List are two different things. Both holds different content type. If you Allow Management of Content Types via List Settings > Advanced Settings, you will observe the content type that are available for document library are not available for a List like Custom List and vice-versa.

Solution: But to address your requirement you can have documents and link to documents Content type in the same document library. Allow Management of Content Types to YES via Library Settings > Advanced Settings. Then Add from existing content types select - Link to Document.

I hope this solution addresses your requirement as what you have asked in question - "Admin can add the document or link(item like list)"

You can also check this post Document Content Types into Custom List. In this post Eric also confirmed the same thing.

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    Hello Zakir, Thanks for your valuable solution. It's worked fine. – Ram May 30 '16 at 9:02

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