I'm using html2canvas to capture a "screenshot" of the user screen to an html5 canvas element. I'm then using the native canvas.toDataURL() which returns something like this


But of course the whole screenshot is much longer than that. I then use SP Services to save a message and the "image" in a list. All that is working.

Currently I have a plain text column in my list to hold the image data. To actually see the image the admin has to copy the image data and paste it into a browser like chrome or firefox.

This is the part that isn't working

I'd prefer to store the data as an actual img tag. But everytime I try sending the data as an image or putting the image tag into the rich text editor source by hand it doesn't work.

<img src="...B0UjIQA7" />

SharePoint strips out the src and I end up with.

<img alt="" />

Here are the questions

Rather than canvas, to data, to textfield, is there a better way to take a screenshot and send it to a SharePoint list?

How can I store a visual version of the image for my admin to review?

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Easiest option is to use a calculated field.

  1. Let the actual data get stored in a field
  2. Create a calculated field to form the img tag
  • Good idea, and I had thought of that, but I didn't see my data uri field as a choice for the calculation. I think it is because it is a multiline textfield. The data uris are over 255 characters so I can't use single line of text.
    – Rothrock
    May 26, 2016 at 14:54
  • Another option is to use workflow for creating the calculated value. May 26, 2016 at 15:08

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