I would like to create a page on our SharePoint site which displays a list of all users which have been recently added to the site.

This page will also have a few other bits, such as a new user's events calendar and maybe a discussion board.

My main goal though, is to create a list which will always contain all users which were recently added, and then display this list on the page (I am guessing this will be done as a web part).

This page had some useful information on how to access a list of all users, but I couldn't work out how to filter this into new users only and then add those users to a list.

Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this, or whether it is even possible?

I have had a look at the "secret" user list which can be at MySite/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx, but I am not sure how to manipulate this data, as it doesn't appear to be a normal list and I can't select Edit Page on that view to investigate the List.


My current plan is as follows :

  • Get all "new" users using the item["Created"] variable
  • Add these users to an excel spreadsheet
  • Use some more code to add the users in the spreadsheet to both a group (which I will grant permission to view the new user page), and a custom list
  • This list will be displayed on the New Users page
  • More code to remove and users which are now "old" from both the list, spreadsheet and permissions group

This is the only way I can think of doing this at the moment, and would really appreciate some feedback / suggestions on how this can best be achieved.

Thank you

  • Have you considered using the hidden user-list? /_catalogs/users/simple.aspx – Nils May 23 '16 at 11:40
  • @Nils Thanks for your comment, I have had a look at that but not sure how I can use it. for example, I would like to use that as a data source for a new, custom list (as this sounds more reasonable than my idea above with the spreadsheets), but I have no idea where to start with this. That hidden user page has no Edit Page option and I can't seem to connect to it in C#, as I don't have the name for that list (note my current solution uses SPWeb.AllUsers) – Bassie May 23 '16 at 11:43
  • I fear the actual datetimes for when a user was added to a site will only be available through audit data... as mentioned here: pholpar.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/… – Nils May 23 '16 at 11:47

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