I have been assigned a task to check out an InfoPath 2010 form that is located within a Form Library.

For testing purposes I created a new Form Library called Test Form Library.

I then publish the form to the site below:

enter image description here

However, when I click next I don't get the option to publish to the Test Form Library I created shown below:

enter image description here

I have never come across this and wondering what the issue is.

Can someone clear the air for me?

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From TechNet

Form templates have different administrator requirements depending on the way they use code and connect to data.

Many form templates in InfoPath Forms Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can be uploaded by users without being individually approved by an administrator. These form templates are called “user form templates.”

Form templates that contain business logic driven by managed code, access data from external resources, or use data connections that are managed by an administrator must be granted trust to execute code and access data. This trust comes in two forms:

  • Sandboxed solutions
  • Administrator-approved form templates

In this article you have info about the steps to solve this situation:

Now let’s move to “Sharpeoint Central Administration” to approve the published form template by the administrator and Activate it on Site Collection

  • Open Sharepoint Central Administration >> Application Management >> In “InfoPath Forms Services” section click “Manage form templates”

  • Upload Form Template >> Select the published form template from the physical location used above (Do not change other default settings on this page) >> Click “Ok”

  • In Manage Form Templates list, Right click newly added infopath form template item and activate it to the desired site collection by clicking “Activate to site collection” link. This will activate a feature on site collection level and would add it to the “Form Templates” library. You can check whether the feature is activated by going into that site collection features section and also you can verify whether published template is added to the “Form Templates” library or not.

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