I want to make a SP Add-in and I want to know if there are functions that I can use to reproduce the funtionality of a Content Search Web Part, I dont know if I can use some funtions to take advantage of the crawler (REST, JSOM or CSOM, some API).


This will help you get started: Using the SharePoint 2013 search Query APIs

C# example:

using (ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext("http://<serverName>/sites/<siteCollectionPath>"))
    KeywordQuery keywordQuery = new KeywordQuery(clientContext);
    keywordQuery.QueryText = "SharePoint";
    SearchExecutor searchExecutor = new SearchExecutor(clientContext);
    ClientResult<ResultTableCollection> results = searchExecutor.ExecuteQuery(keywordQuery);

JavaScript example:

var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext("<serverRelativeUrl>");
var contextSite = clientContext.get_site();
var keywordQuery = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.KeywordQuery(clientContext); 
var searchExecutor = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.SearchExecutor(clientContext);  
var results = searchExecutor.executeQuery(keywordQuery); 
context.executeQueryAsync(onQuerySuccess, onQueryError);

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