I have a Year column and I already know that it's not possible to filter a view using Year equals =YEAR([TODAY]) and use [TODAY] in calculated columns does not work as expected.

Does there exist a workaround to filter the items accordingly to the current year?

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In the Filter settings of a View you can only use [Today] as is, you can do simple +- calculations but you can not use Functions.

Remember: Do not add spaces in your View Filter calculations: [Today]-7

So you need to add two Calculated Columns calculating



and december31st


and then compare in your View Filter if [Today] is between those dates

  • you're missing a closing square bracket. Also, what format is the date parameter in? Does it need quotes? Nov 15, 2017 at 19:21
  • I'm working with SharePoint 2013 and when I'm created a calculated column it doesn't accept me functions =DATE() neither =TEXT().... what can I use instead? THANK YOU! Aug 23, 2018 at 20:51

You will need to use some workaround as mentioned below.

1) Create two calculated columns Start Year and End Year

2) Start Year = DATE(YEAR([Expiry Date]),1,1)

3) End Year = DATE(YEAR([Expiry Date]),12,31)

4) Create a View and Filter Condition will be

Start Year is Less Than or Equal to [TODAY] AND End Year is Greater Than Equal To [TODAY]


You can try this workaround:

1) Create a calculated column StartYear = DATE(YEAR([your date field]),1,1)

2) Create a calculated column EndYear = DATE(YEAR([Expiry Date]),12,31)

3) Create a View and Filter:

StartYear is Less Than or Equal to [TODAY] AND EndYear is Greater Than Equal To [TODAY]



My quick-n-easy approach to this it to create a calculated column called Year to extract a text Year value from the existing date field:

=TEXT([your date field name],“yyyy”)

Then filter by Year column. Usually if a client needs to filter data for current year, they'll need past and future years too, or a range. They can still do that with this column.

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