I need to alert an user about session time out for browser enabled InfoPath forms. Its not about changing/configuring the session time out but to just show an alert to user that his/her form is gonna get time out. If alert is not possible in any way, could you tell me any workaround?


  • What version of sharepoint?
    – Aaron
    Commented May 18, 2016 at 13:06

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What version of Sharepoint are you running?

You could create a page with the infopath form as a web part on the page, and add a javascript timeout in a script webpart to put up an alert window. the code would look like:

function showAlert(){
alert('Your Session is about to expire, Save Now');
setTimeout(showAlert, 1000*60*60*20 );//20 hrs

You mentioned in a comment detecting if the user is active or not. I wouldn't take that effort, I believe that the infopath form timeout value is independent of the user's active status. I would that the form's timeout value, and set a page alert for just shy of that value, telling the user to save.

Central Admin

Here in my form the timeout is 1 day, so say after 20 hours I might popup an alert window.

  • Thanks Aaron for turning up so fast, I've posted the code i've been using as the answer, Could you please look into that?
    – Vish
    Commented May 17, 2016 at 19:06
  • @Abilash posted the code where?
    – Aaron
    Commented May 17, 2016 at 19:57
  • Here is the link css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/fire-event-when-user-is-idle I've exactly copied the same code
    – Vish
    Commented May 17, 2016 at 20:38
  • @Abilash I wouldn't worry about when the user is moving the mouse or things like that, the session timeout value is independent of that, as for as I am aware. I am going to update my answer with for information as to what I recommend.
    – Aaron
    Commented May 17, 2016 at 20:48
  • its not working for me, what i've did is Opened the infopath form in Infopathform webpart, used a content editor and used the code <script> setTimeout(alert('Your Session is about to expire, Save Now', 1000*60);//20 hrs </script> But no alert shows up even if the page stays idle for more than a minute.
    – Vish
    Commented May 17, 2016 at 21:28

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