1. I have set up a Data Connection to retrieve the data from a list (such as Time, Price, etc..)
  2. I have created a repeating table to have this section in each line.
  3. I was using a Formatting to hide the control if the first field (ItemName) is blank.

Everything works properly in the preview but when I publish it the system shows that this rule runs in error and it automatically deletes the entries added in the fields but if I click OK on the error message, I can submit it for the second time without any issues.

What I'm doing wrong?

See screenshot for details. enter image description here

It should look like this enter image description here

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I have received the solution and it works smoothly.

Step 1. Go to Data tab. Step 2. Go to Default Values Step 3. Right click (repeating) group Step 4. Choose: Exclude this group from the initial form.


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