Is it possible in SharePoint Foundation 2013 to get reports on usage for the site? I see a lot of info on it for the full version, not much info on foundation. and I don't see half the settings .

Ie as per instructions from Technet

"On the Site Settings page, in the Site Collection Administration section, click Popularity and Search Reports."

I don't have Popularity and search reports option.

Does it exist in foundation?


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You need to have SharePoint server 2013 because now Analytics are a part of Search service in SharePoint 2013.

It is surely not available in SharePoint Foundation 2013

There is much confusion around the SharePoint community on whether or not web analytics works in SharePoint Foundation 2013.

After working on numerous SharePoint 2013 environments, I can confirm that SharePoint Foundation is lacking this feature. I came across this technet article discussing if the Foundation version of SharePoint 2013 has web analytics or not, and the top response is from a SharePoint MVP and stating in short that Foundation does not have analytics.

You can check further details in below mentioned link.

Where to Find Usage Reports for SharePoint 2013

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In sharePoint 2013 Web Analytics has been completely redesigned and Web Analytics Service Application has been replaced with Analytics engine.

For this you need Search Service Application.

As per Technet, this feature is not available for SharePoint Foundation 2013.Read below Article and look for Analytics Platform.

SharePoint feature availability across on-premises solutions

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