SharePoint 2010: Move-SPUser works however in SP 2010 it does not change the mysite url to reflect user's new id. for example, mysite.fu.bar/sites/oldid so it should be mysite.fu.bar/sites/newid. The UPA is updated with the new id. Any reason for this? I waited few hours so UPA can update the mysite url and now it's 14 hours after I ran the command. Please suggest something.

$currUser = Get-SPUser -Identity $CurrentNetworkLogin -Web $web
Move-SPUser -Identity $currUser -NewAlias $FutureNetworkLogin -IgnoreSid -Confirm:$false

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Sites will be migrated when you change the Site Naming Format, but last I looked, not the user's username [using Move-SPUser].

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  • But Trevor why this setting is working in SP 2013 and not 2010. – Brittany Lean May 19 '16 at 0:36

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