I have a task to enable the 'Require Check Out' feature on each document library on all sites we have. See the picture below:

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There are about 20 sites in our site collection and each site has only one document library where I need to enable the feature. Is there any bulk option to change the feature for all libraries at once?


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You can easily do it with PowerShell script.It is having attribute $list.ForceCheckout = $true

for more reference you can refer this Change SharePoint list settings using PowerShell - Part 1: General and Versioning

Please let me know if it help you.


  • I actually did it manually already :) But the article is awesome. Thanks!
    – egurb
    May 12, 2016 at 9:08

You can use below PowerShell command to set Require Check Out feature on each document library on all sites

    foreach ($web in (Get-SPSite -Limit All | Get-SPWeb -Limit All))
            Write-Host “Processing Web: $($web.Url)…”
            foreach ($list in ($web.Lists | ? {$_ -is [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPDocumentLibrary]}))
    $list.ForceCheckout = $true;


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