I have a list and I what I want is for when a user clicks 'Add new item', they will be presented with two fields.

The first a drop down containing say 3 items.

The second field I want to be populated by data depending on the choice of the first field.

So the logic would be something like 'if user chooses item 1 in column one, present them the following items to choose from in column two'. This way I can nicely restrict how they enter data.

Would I need to use InfoPath for such a thing?

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You dont need Infopath, you can do it even with JavaScript/JQuery. Read the following blogs and you may get some ideas.



Cascade drop down lists in SharePoint 2013 using jQuery, REST and AJAX



The first reference worked for me perfectly.


Dont use inform path.

Here is the idea to start of , for SP 2013

the following link gives you ample methods how to fulfill your requirement

CSR JS Links on List views

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