I have a CQWP that executes the following JS:

var projectstartdt = $(".hiddenProjectStartDate").html().split(/\-|\s/);
var ProjectStart = new Date(projectstartdt.slice(0,3).join('/')+' '+projectstartdt[3]);

var projectenddt = $(".hiddenProjectEndDate").html().split(/\-|\s/);
var ProjectEnd = new Date(projectenddt.slice(0,3).join('/')+' '+projectenddt[3]);

var milestone1date = ((Milestone1Date-ProjectStart)/(ProjectEnd-ProjectStart)*100);
$(".wj-cqwp-ProjectMilestone1").css( "left", milestone1date + "%");

var milestone2date = ((Milestone2Date-ProjectStart)/(ProjectEnd-ProjectStart)*100);
$(".wj-cqwp-ProjectMilestone2").css("left", milestone2date + "%");

This code isn't the problem. It's working as expected. Problem is, I need this to fire for every li within a CQWP. Specifically every

.wj-cqwp-ProjectDashboard ul li

I've tried using a jQuery each function, but to no avail!

$( ".wj-cqwp-ProjectDashboard ul li" ).each(function() {
// big chunk of code above entered here

Help! Please!


You may need to wrap or delay that function until SharePoint controls finish loading that with _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames:


function fireOnListItems(){

$( ".wj-cqwp-ProjectDashboard ul li" ).each(function() {
// big chunk of code above entered here


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