Managed metadata keyword auto-completion (when you type the start of a taxonomy keyword, it auto-completes the rest) works on one of my sites but not the other.

On the non-working server, there is a JavaScript error "Server method 'ValidateTerms' failed".

As far as I can see, the set-up (features, rights etc) is identical. What could be the problem?

Only the auto-completion is broken - everything else works. If I type a new keyword, it ends up in "System" like normal.


The problem is that the SharePoint site is running on http://mysite internally, but is exposed as https://mysite using Microsoft Forefront.

This breaks the ValidateTerms AJAX method call, because the call is made to http://mysite while surfing on https://mysite, which violates the same-origin policy of XMLHttpRequest calls.

So the JSON AJAX call to ValidateTerms ends up as an OPTIONS call to ValidateTerms, which returns a 302 to the same URL, but the SharePoint client gets confused and interprets this is as "server method failed".

I don't know if Forefront is configured correctly or not, but the rest of SharePoint works, so I'm guessing there's a special case here.

Tricky stuff!

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