I just upgraded my PC to Windows 10. Previously (Windows 8.1) I was syncing both my normal OneDrive and a Sharepoint libraries. After installing Windows 10 I installed Office 2016 One-Click from Office365 which includes OneDrive for Business. This is the same install I was using on Windows 8.1. Upon logging in it automatically synced my "OneDrive - Company Name folder" but I don't have the option I used to have when I right click, which was "Sync A New Library" (Screenshot from office support).

Now my context menu simply looks like this:

enter image description here

I tried opening the document library in IE and clicking "Sync" but it just opens this KB Article, like I don't even have OD installed. If I try to install using the link here, it just tells me that I already have a newer version of office installed and will have to uninstall it to continue.

How can I sync a sharepoint library?

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It doesn't seem like you are using OD for Business, but regular OD. I have an O365 E3 license, and my OD for Business menu looks different that what you've posted. I'm running Windows 10 x64 with Office 2016.

OneDrive for Business menu:

OneDrive for Business image

OneDrive menu:

OneDrive image

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