In my team site I want to add "My Tasks" web part. But it's not available in my site collection.

Are there any feature I'm missing to activate?


Do you mean that the Project Task and Issue are lists on your site ? You can add a ‘content query web part’ to display the project task or the Issue .Then detailed steps are like following:

  1. Open the change on which you want to show the web part .
  2. Click Site Setting >Edit Page>Add a web part >Content Query web part>Edit >Modify shared web part.
  3. Set the Query to show items in the list ‘Project task’ .And change the title under Appearance to Project task .
  4. Then Exit edit mode .

Here is another way to achieve this using SharePoint Designer (SPD).

  1. Open the site in SPD and open the .aspx page where you want to display the lists .
  2. Choose Data View >Add a data view .
  3. Then click on the drop down arrow beside Project Task in the Data source details field and choose ‘show data’ .
  4. Press and hold down CTRL while choosing all the columns you want to display in the data view .
  5. Drag the columns into the Data View on the page .
  6. Right click the data view and choose ‘Show common Control Tasks’ .You can change the layout of the data view to full fill your requirement .

If there is anything unclear, please feel free to ask

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