I have created several Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013. But every time I send an email with some ​​current item values in the email body , no values appear.

Why values don't appear in the email body ?

Perhaps with a screenshot it will be better !

Here it is the mail which was created in Workflow

enter image description here

And here it is the result of the recieved mail

enter image description here

  • Perhaps, with a screen shot, it will be better :
    – Chris
    Commented May 12, 2016 at 12:39

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Well, I suppose your Current items values inside Emails are not properly binding. Please delete the existing Bindings which have format like : [%Current Item:Summary Links%] & then freshly bind them as per the Screen-shot --

Note: Please do not copy-paste the content from another designer WF email as the current item value bindings are lost. Only the email text appears

enter image description here

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