This seems like a silly question, but I can't find the solution myself and not on the web.

I need to find out which groups a user is a member of. (Similar to the "Member Of" tab in active directory) Where can I find that?

P.S. I'm trying to solve a more general issue, that how can I find out what a certain user has access to. I'm trying to grant permissions only through groups to solve this, but I couldn't find group memberships either. Any other ways I can achieve this?

Note that my scope is only one site collection.

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You can try the below mentioned script. This will list user with all its memebership.

$user = Get-SPUser -Web https://http://server/sites/yoursite |  Where{$_.LoginName -LIKE "*|domain\user"}


Get-SPSite http://server/sites/yoursite  -Limit All | Select -ExpandProperty RootWeb | Select -ExpandProperty SiteUsers | Where {user.UserLogin -EQ $_.LoginName } |Select -ExpandProperty Groups |Select Name, {$_.ParentWeb.Url}

Here is the nice blog related to users: Exploring SharePoint Users, Groups, and Security Using PowerShell

You have to update the two things

  • replace domain\user with your user name
  • http://server/sites/yoursite with url of your site collection

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