Is there any alternative for ADAL. I have created SharePoint hosted app. For every new build app deployed with new url with new Id like


For the authentication token I need to go to the application in Azure Active Directory and have to add the reply url. It is ok but for every new build i have to change the reply url.

I want to publish app in office store, If client install app in their environment then app url will change then How can I fetch url from their environment.

Finally I have to add reply url of app in AAD for authentication. I want solution so that for all customer the url will be same or may be an alternative for adal Is there any possible alternate way to resolve this issue?


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You can not use ADAL JS authentication inside SharePoint hosted App. The problem is with SharePoint integrated http proxy and CORS support. If you build SharePoint provider hosted app, and register the App inside Azure AD, you can use ADAL and get token and access Microsoft Graph REST API and SharePoint Online resources.

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