My requirement is to retrieve list items using search API instead of rest API. I have used a content type for the list but I am unable to retrieve the items in the List.This is due to the incorrect I think.


I used the above url and unable to get the first 30 items.Please help! thanks in advance


It is better to use the ContentTypeId: instead of the ContentType Name like this:


if the content type is used in other lists, then it is better to add the path of the targeted list and your query will look like this:


You can get the ID of your content type using the following steps:

for example: ManageContentType.aspx?ctype=0x01005FC5182DF0BF554287F15C4D8B798E60

Note: I removed the last 0 from the content type and added a * instead

  • what can we do for cross domain?? – user79174 Oct 16 '18 at 6:26

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