I have a SharePoint list in Office 365 environment that (among other columns) has two DATE columns, how would I create another calculated column that would have the most recent date from those two Date columns.


ID     Date1     Date2

1      1/1/2016   2/1/2016

2      2/1/2016   1/1/2016

3      5/1/2016  5/1/2016

I wanted my results to look like

ID     MostRecentDate(Calculated Column)

1      2/1/2016

2      2/1/2016

3      5/1/2016

My environment is SharePoint Online.

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You can use the MAX function and output it in Date format.


If the two dates are blank, it will output a default date in 1899, so maybe put in a IF condition in there.


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